ARIO's Quarterly Newsletter Number 1

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Board Update

Thanks to the tireless efforts of many, another dream is now a reality. Welcome to the first newsletter from ARIO!

ARIO was founded in 2013 by a small group of Research Integrity Officers (RIOs) who shared a common goal and desire for networking, building relationships among peers, and establishing best practices for handling allegations of research misconduct. In the early days after passage of the revised regulations governing the handling of research misconduct allegations, RIOs couldn’t easily find each other, let alone utilize one another as a resource to navigate the regulatory and institutional landscape. Through networking efforts, combing through institutional websites, and good old-fashioned word of mouth, ARIO grew and RIOs began to find each other. After a few short years, six annual meetings, dynamic regional groups, and with more than 100 institutional members, ARIO is now a valuable institutional resource for all things related to research misconduct, in particular those issues concerning the responsibilities of RIOs and their general counsel. ARIO is poised and ready to serve our community and respond to pressing issues in research integrity. This newsletter is another step towards increasing communications, sharing resources, and fostering our growing network.
We want you to benefit from this strong organization of professionals committed to promoting research integrity. This first newsletter will be available to all our users; however, subsequent editions will only be accessible to ARIO members. If your institution is considering becoming a member, we invite you to peruse the benefits of joining ARIO or reach out to us at if you would like to speak with someone about our growing organization.
If you represent an ARIO member institution, please share this newsletter with colleagues whose institutions have not yet joined and encourage them to do so. Only institutions can become dues-paying members, but the individuals designated by the institution are those with “members only” access to the website. ARIO exists due to the efforts of individuals dedicated to making our profession successful, and our work efficient, principled, and reliable. Together, our collective skills and vast experience is a priceless resource, and we invite you to engage, network, and share within the ARIO community. The more we share with each other, the better we all become. Please read below to learn about how ARIO is growing and how you can get more involved.

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