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ARIO Monthly Digest #4

September 2019

Here you will find the newest updates from ARIO, you will be able to check out what people are asking, answer questions, get an overview of what our community is working on, jobs postings, new resources available, and featured News!

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Featured News
  1. FAQs for NOT-OD-19-020
  2. Upcoming RCR Instruction Workshop (RCRIW) from ORI
  3. Dr. Alex Runko to Lead the Division of Investigative Oversight
  4. Elisabeth Handley Joins ORI as Interim Director
  5. RIO Boot Camp Formal Invitation
  6. The new ARIO's Newsletter is out! Read it here!
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Blogs and Forums

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Upcoming Events

Registration is now closed for the ARIO annual conference

The agenda is available here.

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    Research Integrity Officer

    University of Maryland, College Park

    Assistant Director, Research Integrity

    University of Michigan

    Research Integrity Officer

    The University of Alabama, Birmingham 


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    Community Initiatives

    Many are the initiatives members of our community are involved with:

    • a response to the JAMA article on institutional research misconduct reports
    • re-designing the website
    • creating resources for RIOs, including intuitive aids to perform sequestrations and run forensics
    • planning the next ARIO's Annual Meeting (September 16 - 18 2019 in Atlanta, GA)
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    New Resources

    The Repository of Federal Agencies Resources  

    We have been working hard to make sure the website better serves the community. As part of that effort the ARIO Communication Committee (ACC) created a list of Policies, Websites, and Contacts for the major Federal Agencies. More work has to be done and ideas are always welcome!


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