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A Microscope to indicate forensics

Forensics Special Interest Group update

We are excited to share news regarding the Forensics Special Interest Group (FSIG). As ARIO members may remember, this group began to formally organize at last year’s national meeting (ARIO 2018 Cleveland).
The mission of the FSIG is to establish a discourse on executing effective analysis of research data, share practices and encourage methodological innovation in this unique setting. Since its inception, FSIG membership has grown to include ARIO members representing a broad spectrum of academic and scientific research and forensic expertise. Current project work includes developing forensic workflow and case management resources, and a website where members may access these resources and materials. While the site is currently a “work-in-progress”, please feel free to peruse the pilot platform at The site outlines the FSIG mission, and the current forensic resource goals that the FSIG is actively working on. The website also provides an avenue for outreach to FSIG team members for questions and/or suggestions regarding forensic resource content development.

If you’d like to join the group and share your particular scientific expertise, or simply contact the group to inquire about a specific forensics issue you are handling in a research misconduct matter, contact us through the website. We are happy to provide our expertise, and we welcome new members, suggestions and questions!

We look forward to providing an update on our progress at ARIO 2019, Atlanta, GA.  Stay tuned!   

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