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Please note the following regarding logging in to this site: there are two types of accounts you can use to login to in ARIO online: institutional accounts and individual accounts.

Institutional accounts are the primary account for each member institution. The institutional account is used to set up individual sign-in accounts, and can also be used to register participants for conferences. It can pay dues for the individuals at an institution, for example paying one single payment for several participants. With an institutional account, one may view payment history, invoicing, and member administrative functions.

Individual accounts are for those who would like to participate in ARIO’s online groups or committees, forums, discussions and online blogs. It is highly recommended that you participate in these through an individual participant account, so that your comments appear in your personal name rather than “officially” as the institution. Note also that when there is more than one participant from an institution, the participant account function allows for individuals to make unique preference selections for how they would like to use the site, what notifications to receive, etc.

Some institutions/participants have not yet set up individual accounts and just use their institutional accounts; this preference is up to the institutions/participants. ARIO does encourage you to set up individual accounts for each member participating at your institution. Questions? Please contact

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